Monday, 10 November 2014

FULFILLING PURPOSE! (by Chinomso Njoku)

So I cried this morning!

Well, yea, tears flowed freely down my face when I realized that Dr Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth Monroe alongside 7 members of their team died in a plane crash.

Interestingly, I was just settling down to send a different broadcast for
my Monday series only to make that discovery. It totally changed what I wanted to write about.

By the time I got myself together, I needed to talk to someone and the closest person to me at that time was  my sister , Ulunma. I shared with her a simple but profound truth. For you, it most likely is not a 'New' truth but just in case you have not been living life based on this truth, you might want to read what I shared with her.

Ulunma, never forget this; you were sent by God into this world to do certain things. At the end of your life, the one thing that will really matter was whether you did what God asked you to do. As you grow older, learn to follow the dreams God places in your heart... this way, you will enjoy your life and fulfil His purpose for your life. When you pray, God will tell you about your purpose.

As you step into the week, I would like you to remember that the only thing that guarantees Success, Wealth, Fulfillment, Progress, Recognition, Respect & many other things you desire is to live out your PURPOSE; your reason for Existence. Its that one thing that will count for Eternity.

If you would like to know more about purpose, go look for books by Myles Munroe. Over 7years ago, they helped me discover myself.

A great man has departed but greater men and women still remain. I believe you are one of them.

Steve Harris will say it this way #ChaseYourGreatness.

Bankole Williams says #LiveYourDreams

I say to you today, this 10th Day of November 2014, #FulfillPurpose

Do enjoy your week.

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