Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Nigerian youths speak out (2)

This second speak out publication displays the few blessings and numerous curses democracy showers on Nigeria. It also showcases how our politicians turn out to be RULERS and not LEADERS. But at the end, shares solid hope which every Nigerian youth must hold on to. Our future is indeed bright. A MUST READ!
Name: Nwokolo Chibuzo (GLMP)

Profession(s): Economist, Business developer/analyst, writer, Gospel/Motivational rap artiste, Motivational speaker.

Religion: Christianity

I am a Nigerian by birth and this land is my inheritance. I may not have witnessed the war or experienced the leadership of the early post-independence era. I may have been a child during the last military regime and I may not have understood what democracy was or it's implications as at 1999. But what I do know is that the future is always a reflection of the past and the present is that defining moment in time between the past and the future. Democracy has it's blessings and curses. Without democracy, I wouldn't have the courage to write this, I wouldn't have the courage to express my repulsion at the governance of my country since independence till date, I wouldn't have the guts to condemn the political violence my fellow youths subject themselves to all because of their short sighted nature and selfishness which amount to fulfilled desires of our politicians at the detriment of the masses. Do they not know that the reason for our poverty is to keep us hungry so that we can always be used to keep the bellies of the beasts (politicians) filled?
We have no leaders because none of the people in those positions deserve to be called leaders. Partisanship desires have always come first before the desires of the masses.
Nevertheless, we have to vote a ruler in because a leader has not been presented to us yet. They will present to us their exaggerated manifestos and cliche political propaganda. They will lie to us, they will steal from us they will promise and fail, they will make us regret voting. But these are what we must endure while preparing ourselves for the future. I have strong faith in my country because I have strong faith in myself. I am here for a reason and I know Nigeria will be great because I have chosen to be great. I know Nigeria will have leaders of integrity because I have chosen to shun corruption and every form of political violence. You can do the same and this way our children will not have to regret being Nigerians just like the majority of us. As for me, I do not regret being Nigerian because I am focused on a better future and not nagging over a tarnished past. The present is that moment in time we define and decide what we want the future to look like. Let us vote the right person that appeals the most to us through their plans for our country and not because of the bags of rice or money they distribute in order to win us over. We cannot continue to remain beggars and eat the crumbs that fall off the tables of our rulers. We cannot keep living in a country where our blessings have turned out to be curses for us. Vote right and never belittle yourself to the standards they try to bring us low to.


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