Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Open letter to every Christian Youth Crusader.

Dear Crusaders,

It was a great privilege serving this great association in the year 2014. When I look back, all I see is God's hand everywhere. We've been through the highs and lows, successes and failures, we have experienced appointments and disappointments, etc. All these have made us all who we are today. I have become a better person because God used this opportunity to prune and shape me into what He has made me like, which is like Him.
I want everyone to know that God is thinking of CYC. Meaning; He's thinking of you. He has you in mind. His love for you cannot be comprehended, but you will understand because the Holy Spirit will teach you.
I know that most of us are in school. Some of us are working. Some of us just got married. Some of us just had child(ren). You know, God really blessed us a lot last year. I can't count how many things God saved us from last year.
We lost parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, etc last year too. But God will restore unto us everything we've lost (see Job's story in the bible).
Honestly, as an association, where we are today is because of the dedication and hard work of those who have led till date and the truth is, God put them there to serve. There is no need to compare administrations because we are all different but serve the same God.  Everything we achieve or do not achieve is because God already knows what's going to happen and so we boast in our weaknesses. We will keep growing until Jesus comes to take us to heaven. So until then, let us enjoy the growth process.
I want you all to know that we are a youth group with a lot of broken hearts, we are a youth group weighed down by sin, we are a youth group with issues, problems, etc. But most especially, we are a youth group that God has blessed. We are the youths that Jesus died and rose to save.
It is another year. And before I forget, this year is about Abiding in Jesus. (See John 15). Only those who know who they are will understand what's going on around them and change things. And the only way to know who we are is to know who God is (See Genesis 2).
This year is going to be the year where we discover ourselves in Christ and live out our group name CYC (Christian Youth Crusaders). I'm excited about what God has shown me would happen this year. A lot will happen and those who truly know God will be strong and do exploits. Can you beat that?!!! God is amazing. So so amazing!!!!
I welcome you all to year 2015.
Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be  an eventful year.
To those who want to discover themselves, this is the year. To those who want to know God more, this is the year. To those who want to achieve more, get married, get successful, etc. This is the year.
God is calling out to CYC; "Come and see what I can do for you. Cancel your plans and let me show you my plan for you. I LOVE YOU".
My dear family, get excited. No dull moments with God this year and beyond.
Happy New Year!!!!!

Okenwa Igbokwe (CYC President).

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