Saturday, 7 February 2015

Nigerian Youths speak out (3)

Most Nigerian youths, once they travel abroad usually don't want to have anything to do with their homeland Nigeria. But this is one Nigerian who still shares equal pain with us even though she's not here with us. Her final advice in this write up is the reason for this post and we advice everyone to read this to the end. "You are our country's last hope"...

Name: Oreofe Odunsi

Religion: Christianity

Occupation: Nutritionist (Marketing assistant)

I haven't been home in 2 years. After 6 years of mostly residing in South Africa, I still call Nigeria home, because that is what it is - what is will always be. Although I don't remember much about Nigerian politics, up until I was about 12 or 13, I remember Y'aradua coming into power and I remember his demise. I remember Goodluck Jonathan standing in for him and I remember his first turn. I remember the numerous Boko Haram attacks and the missing girls from Chibok and other places. I remember rumours that the president had outsourced a large amount of his responsibilities to "business men" who had placed their puppets in various areas of government.
I remember what I had been told Nigeria was like in my father's youth and it pains me to know that the old men in government who were there when the Naira was on par than the Dollar can sit back and allow for N207 to $1. I often find myself wondering how they can live with what has happened. Don't they miss those good times? Is money (money that you will leave on this earth once you die) more important than restoring this country to it's former glory?
I have watched the whole story behind the coming elections with the eyes of the rest of the world. A lot of us are holding our breath, trying to be optimistic. I cannot tell anyone who to vote for. I don't know who will win. The country is split in 2 over Buhari and Jonathan and I sincerely hope nothing else splits. If oil wells, bank accounts in other countries and houses on islands are all that is on the majority of the minds of government officials, this election is just a formality. I have nothing to say to anyone over 50.
However, to my generation, to those who are home, those who are desperately hoping for a change, hoping to make a change, I have just one thing to say. You are our country's last hope. Things will continue to get worse if we wait for these old men to revive their consciences. You can start things. Don't wait for the government
To give you opportunities. Create your own! You may say I have no right to talk seeing as I'm watching from a distance, and you may be right. But for those of you who can hear my heart through this, stand up! Pave the way. Don't let the state of the nation put your light out. Develop new standards! Look for ways to meet a need. Naija's land is still rich. You are the most valuable resources.

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