Monday, 9 March 2015


Good Morning & Welcome to a New Week.

As we celebrate women internationally, I cannot but share a lesson that I have learnt from the art of Make-Up.
This lesson determines Career Success or Failure. In fact, it determines Business Success or Failure.

Now, for most people, Make-Up is the art of covering up a person's flaws to make them look beautiful BUT in reality, Make-Up is the art of enhancing a person's uniqueness because they are already beautiful.

Most people spend their lifetime covering their deficiencies rather than maximizing their efficiencies. They are preoccupied with addressing dissatisfaction with their appearance rather than being occupied with leveraging their uniqueness.

Make-Up could mean making a person up (assuming they are down), BUT it could also mean identifying what makes up a person- their uniqueness (their personality, cognitive abilities, interests, passion etc)

Success in life is more guaranteed when a person identifies their Make Up and uses it to add value to others around them. Every 'Success' we celebrate today is simply a person who is maximizing their Make Up.

So, let me ask you? Are you pre-occupied with 'making-up' or leveraging your 'Make Up'?

As we begin this week, remember you were Made Up as a Solution to your world. Make sure your Career & Business enable you to optimize your Make Up; your Success will be inevitable!

Women, Happy International Women's Day!

Do enjoy your week.


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