Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Letter From The President Of The Christian Youth Crusaders.

Greetings fellow Crusaders!
Thank you for showing up at our last meeting that held on the 8th of March, 2015. That was the first official meeting for the year and it was a blessing. GOD bless you.

There was something I kept repeating at the meeting and I’m saying it here. I NEED ALL OF YOU whose heart has the interest of CYC. God is doing amazing things this year for the youths and we want to be part of the plan. I am excited and can’t wait for us to manifest in the capacity God has given us. My heart is glad and knowing we are together will take us places unimaginable. TEAM – Together Everybody Achieves More is the rule for us this year. God will surely get the glory in everything we do as a TEAM. Glory!!!

I quite understand that after spending much time after service most of us couldn’t stay till the end. And it is understandable. We try to squeeze so much information to us in a very short time thus prolonging the meeting. God help us. We will do better, that’s why I need you. Yes you reading this letter.

The overall plan this year is to engage the youths for Christ sake and it would be awesome. So much love will be made manifest all around us. I’m excited and confident that God is with us. God does his thing irrespective of how we feel because He knows us better than we do, so that’s why we should trust Him.

Here are the things to expect this year

-          Leadership Programmes

-          Community development programmes – The Roundabout Beautification Project. We are planning on developing and making the roundabout close to the church beautiful and a site to behold, isn’t that great? That would bring us together. We would fix a time and it would be communicated accordingly. Of course we would need funds but we are confident that God will provide it through us and everyone that God lays in his/her heart to be a part of the project. And we already have partnership for the project. That would be communicated too.

-          May 29th Programme and October 1st programmes. Theme, venue and time will be communicated too.

-          This year, the volunteering idea would be key for everyone. Meaning that EVERYBODY is a part of EVERYTHING we would do this year.

-          Youth discussions that happen every month asides the Bible study that takes place on the Saturday that precedes the 2nd Sunday of that month.

-          Sanitation projects (Bob-a-job) which will involve cleaning houses of members on chosen Saturday dates. We might have a team of people responsible for that.

-          Ideas from YOU are welcome. Not just suggesting ideas for the executives but making yourself available to drive the idea to see that it comes to pass. Because what’s the point of suggesting if you do not see it happen.

-          Collaboration with other youth groups and organizations.

This and many more would happen this year.

Now to the theme of the year, we believe that if we’re Christians and Youths, then Christ must be glorified through everything we do. Hence our theme for the year is ABIDING IN CHRIST which God led us to choose from the book of John chapter 15. You can read it through but summarizing it here, God’s presence is inside of you, that’s why you can read this. God lives in All of US and it should be evident. God has sworn to bless, strengthen and never leave us. God is too awesome and that’s not even enough to quantify how much HE cares for us.

YOU all are amazing people and have something to offer, Can we work together to see that JESUS be glorified in all that we do?

Answer this question and that would determine your support level to the group. You might be in school, or not having enough time but we sure need you everywhere you are.

Thank You.

Okenwa Igbokwe

Twitter: @okenwaigbokwe

Instagram: @okenwaigbokwe


Number: 08069258807

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