Saturday, 3 January 2015

Nigerian Youths speak out.

This write up is a really inspiring one as the writer suggests that null candidacy should be an option in Nigerian politics especially when you have to choose between two evils. Nigerian youths are beginning to speak out, why not join the moving train. Enjoy this educative piece.

Name: Njoku Chinonso
Profession(s): Foreign Linguist, Classical Musicologist and writer.
Religion: Christianity.


I choose to be objective in my write up so, as much as possible.. Please let's try to be objective in our understanding of this write up. NOTE: This is in no way in favour of any of the presidential candidates.

I like Buhari as a person but one has to consider who goes into power in a country with over 200 ethnic groups, and has been rocked since her amalgamation by violence and genocides predicated along ethnic and religious biases. Nigeria cannot tolerate a Muslim apologetic, whose administration as Head of State characterized by religious intolerance and high handedness, some say he had zero tolerance for corruption but according to what I gathered from some Military friends of my father's, he was more or less a figure head in Government because the so called fight against corruption was championed by his vice president Tunde Idiagbon of blessed memory.

The only unfortunate scenario here is that the electoral act makes no provisions for Null candidacy as is obtainable in Eastern European countries like Czech republic and Latvia. Here in Nigeria we are forced to choose between two evils. What I recommend which I am currently writing a white paper on  is that provisions be made for Null candidacy. That is to say the electorates are presented with two unfavorably choices there should also be a choice of "Non of the above" available to them. As it is now I may not vote at all, because non of the candidates have been able to express their credulity.

Who says Nigeria cannot be Islamized? That belief is born out of arrogance on the part of the proposed and ignorance on the part of the believers. 'My  driver is a Christian', my "cook is a Christian" so what? The drivers and housekeepers of many Christians are muslims. What has that got to do with the religious inclination of Nigeria? Power, especially political power is a fickle jade that should not be toyed with by prima donnas. Check history, no country has ever been islamized by persuasion, it is always by a carnage, as a matter of fact, the very emblem of Islam is a sword, so if you think a group of jihadist will walk up to preach Islam to you, you had better think again. A lot of Christians in the south say its impossible to islamize Nigeria, this level of ignorance is all but egregious. Ask how it happens in Egypt, Morocco and Turkey and see if we're not toeing the same lines in Nigeria.

Christians wakeup. The battle for who ushers in the 2nd century of Nigeria's existence is not a battle between Jonathan and Buhari, its one between good and evil, light and darkness, Christ and Satan. Pray! Pray!! Pray!!!

Finally, in October 2013, where I was opportune to attend a breakfast fellowship ,God spoke to Dr. Anigbogu about Nigeria. He said, if Nigerian christians do not put away this Nonsensical pursuit of prosperity, break through, etc and go back to the original mandate of Jesus Christ which is discipleship, in 30 years, Nigeria will be a completely Islamic state. In 1989, IBB paid 21billion USD for the to OIC for the complete islamization of Nigeria. If Muslims want to stop Christians in Lagos from going to church, its simple, Bomb a big church in Lekki, another in Bariga, another in Ikeja, another in Apapa n Lagos Christians would stop going to church. Most Christians aren't born again anyway.

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