Saturday, 22 August 2015


      Some people believe life is all about having all the degrees and possessing all forms of wealth and riches. Let me tell you that if you are one of them then you are as good as wasting your life on earth. Your greatest achievements in life is to DISCOVER and ACHIEVE God's PERFECT PURPOSE concerning your life. 

 God has embedded in each and everyone one us a spiritual gift to be used to His glory. Therefore no man has an excuse if he doesn't do that. One thing people don't know is that when you live according to God's Perfect Purpose for us, you don't need to struggle unnecessarily because whatever God has said will be will be. 

     You maybe wondering how you can actually discover and achieve God's Perfect Purpose.... No man can tell you that....Only God!

       This is your chance to DISCOVER and ACHIEVE that Perfect Purpose!!

 Come and be enlightened as you partake in our Youth Week for 2015. 

Friday, 28th August -  Praise/Variety Night. . . 10p.m
Saturday, 29th August -  Sports & fitness day
Sunday,  30th August - Thanksgiving Service

                                                       Don't miss it!!!!!!

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