Tuesday, 4 August 2015


What makes anyone tell lies? White lies, black lies, small or tiny lies, big or plenty lies, or any other sort of lie? People tell lies as a result of the state of their hearts. A man whose heart is filled with lies, will consistently tell lies.
There are people whose lies has taken over them. Everything they say is nothing but lies, even their greetings. When they do, all you need do is check the time if truly they are right.
Lying is not only speaking an untruth, it is also not keeping our word to others. Lying is also a form of deceit. Wealth built through lying, deception or fraudulent means is like vapour, and that sort of treasure has a short span, and would disappear quickly.
People lie to get attention, people also lie to attach unnecessary importance to themselves.
Exaggerating when telling a story to seem more interesting is a lie.
Altering a date in an age declaration affidavit, and having an official age, or changing your age to get a job that has age limit. They are all lies.
A lie is a lie!
I feel people lie for two major reasons:
1. Fear of the negative consequences that can arise as a result of saying the truth;
2. Pride, and trying to maintain the impression that others have of you
Being Honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones
According to Pastor E. A Adeboye, what is responsible for the destruction of God's people is not the devil; rather, it is their ignorance. This means that the devil capitalizes on what you do not know to plunder you, if you fail to recognize and act on your kingdom rights for instance, the devil will definitely take advantage of you. If you believe that lie is part of godliness, Satan will celebrate your ignorance. To this end, the devil will do everything possible to keep such a fellow in the dark concerning the truth.
Followers of Christ, LIE NOT!

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